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still, not as bad as it could have been. that's good news. >> very least, labor day weekend might be a damp one for people around there. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> >> i think it is a serious hurricane. it can get real dangerous in a hurry so why take a chance? >> the good news at this hour is that hurricane earl is losing strength but that does not mean the coast is clear. le hunkered down. good morning, washington. tds friday morning. i'm glad you could join us today. we're arrive in ocean city, maryland with a check on conditions but we begin with a quick check on traffic and weather and start to the holiday
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weekend. >> let me tell you, a really nice afternoon on the way or looking forward to across most of the area, however, the further east you go, that is going to run into the bigger problems. adam will have more on that in just a few minutes. temperatures a very comfortable start. 73 in fairfax. martinsburg looking at 77. there is the hurricane creeping up on the right hand side of your screen but a cold front, a strong cold front arrived later on today and that's going to bring much cooler temperatures for the upcoming holiday weekend. breezy and hot once again. near 90 degrees for a daytime high. the high temperatures come tomorrow. let's head over to lisa live in the traffic center. it is a good run this morning. construction already complete in triangle. northbound traffic is good.
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southbound in virginia there is a minor crash on the left side with traffic getting by unscathed to the right. nothing in and out of baltimore. traffic is good on the beltway. back to the news desk. >> of course our top story this morning, hurricane earl starting to make its way up the east coast now. the storm's wrath is now being felt in southeastern virginia. there is flooding in the outer banks. authorities will be out to check for any major damage. the beaches in ocean city, maryland have been closed. >> adam caskey continues our team coverage. good morning, adam. any problems yet out there? >> no real issues out here yet in ocean city. the weather is slowly deteriorating but it really is not that bad. it is clocking sustained winds,
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a little over 10-mile-per-hour with gusts a little in excess of 15-mile-per-hour. i'm steadily seeing those gusts slowly but surely increase as they have all night. the conditions slowly deteriorate. here is a look at the hurricane. it is 80 miles east-southeast of cape hateras reduced to a category 2 storm but a high-end category 2. moving to the north-northeast beginning to take that turn to the northeast at 15-mile-per-hour. by 8:00 a.m. it should be act 100 miles offshore of virginia beach. still nearing us here in ocean city. a -- we'll see some big rollers coming in here. i'm anticipating waves of 10-12 feet. i'm joined by chris. he has been out here this whole time. you're at an emergency
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preparation meeting this morning. what is the general mentality? >> responders were happy to hear that earl made that turn off the course of north carolina. they are piecing tot what that means for ocean city. they are still making the assumption and the preparationses for tropical storm force winds to come through here. they are thinking that will start later this morning. already we have seen police officers already clearing people off of the beach and reminding people to stay out of the water. let's take a look at the advice. >> well, the recommendization the storm is going to be here during the day. use common sense. stay out of the stosm. ride the storm out and when the sun shines come on out and do what you need to do. >> yesterday, lifeguards cleared swimmers out of the water. as you heard, swimming is not allowed and they would like you
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to stay inside anyway. a lot of people we talked to yesterday were packing up and leaving. take a look at what some tourists were saying. >> it is crazy. it is cutting our vacation short. the kids are crying. they don't want to leave. >> i may stick it out but i have kids. i don't want to put my kids in that position. >> and at this point, they expect the storm to ramp up from here. officials are urging people to stay inside and i'm watching an ocean city police car cruising the boardwalk now. they have been out all morning telling people to stay off of the beach and the seagates are closed that allow access to the beach. >> ok, chris. thanks a lot. we'll check back with you in just a little bit. montgomery county meantime is
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weathering the storm. the search and rescue team was activated by the federal emergency management agency. it is trained in rescuing victims who are trapped in storm-damaged areas. of course the labor day weekend gets underway. nearly 790,000 washingtonians plan to thravel holiday weekend. it is unclear yet what impact the hurricane will have on holiday travel plans. for more information log on to our weather page at >> four d.c. police officers have been injured in a two-car crash. this all happened around 11:00 last night on old fort road in allentown. police say the officers were on their way to work. there is no word yet on their
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conditions or what caused that accident. right now, it is 4:36 this early friday morning and we have about 76 degrees now. the sights and sounds from the hostage standoff. we'll hear from the first responders on that scene. a major traffic alert. metro is getting ready for the biggest shutdown in its history. first a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes on this friday
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>> all right. welcome back, everybody. 4:39, friday, september 4. it is time either way for a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> tell us that hurricane earl is a pretty fast-moving storm, right? >> it is going to be out of here relatively quickly. tonight. we have a cold front that is going to help sweep things out of here and then clearing and much cooler temperatures as we enter the upcoming holiday weekend. as you head out to the bus stop, here is what's going on. temperatures outside in the 70's. 73 in fairfax. 72 gaithersburg. 74 hager town. you can see the bands beginning
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to push into southern virginia into the carolinas. the good news, the rain will remain outside of the d.c. metro area. partly cloudy skies, breezy and hot. of course on the mountains a beautiful, beautiful day. closer to the shore is where the clouds and wind will continue to increase. temperatures in the 60's. tomorrow, look at that, near 80 for a daytime high. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. >> we're actually rushing around the belt way, route four and five, we look good. i'm going to take you to a quick trip around the belt way. things look good at the american legion bridge. new hampshire avenue on the virginia side, a nice transition between wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. >> 4:42 and 75 degrees now. >> still to come this morning, michelle is front and center
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now. we'll hear from d.c.'s first lady about her now role in her husband's campaign. >> first, you may need at way to get around this holiday weekend. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. it is 4:44 on this friday morning. authorities will be out at day break to see if hurricane earl caused any major damage on north carolina owes outer banks.
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the storm is brushing the area are -- with winds and heavy rain. metro will be closing five red line station during the labor day weekend. tacoma, wheaton, glenmont, silver string will all close. they will be doing work recommended by the safety board. a report is expected to show that the economy lost 100,000 jobs last month. the unemployment job is expected to increase from 9.5% to 9.9%. >> thanks. this morning east other big story, the hostage standoff in silver springs. we're learning more about what happened outside the discovery communication building as that scene unfolded on wednesday. we are also learning more about the man at the center.
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john gonzalez has that story. >> we got a man inside with a vest strapped on him. >> what you are hearing is the radio conversation swat team members had during the dramatic four-hour standoff in downtown silver spring. >> we have learned tonight gunman james lee had not one, but two guns in the lobby of the discovery channel building. the starter pistols were not a serious threat but the explosive devices he was carrying could have been deadly. >> we were really, really frightened but i thank god because you know, as it turns out, the situation was handled very well. >> on top of the explosive deviced found law enforcement today found more dangerous materials inside the home where lee had been living. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual
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to now. >> neighbors were warned to take their children to a safe location while police searched the home and disrupted the other homemade bomb. >> it is scary when you have a child and let them run around the n the backyard. this is a reminder that we have to keep a close watch. >> the swat team was already inside the building around the corner from lee. eventually they moved in with deadly force. arrange trying fix something -- the security guard in the lobby. >> that was john gonzalez reporting. an unintended consequences for some of the drives after that hostage situation. someone parked a car in an area that was cordoned off by police. well, her car got towed and when she went to get it back she was told it would cost her $300. with our help, she did not have to shell out the cash.
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>> trying to be compliant and only to be victimized by towing companies that they have lurking around. >> police chief tom majors said other drives facing that same scenario should call the police command center. be sure to stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage of the standoff investigation. we'll see the role the internet played in getting that story out. >> it is 4:48 on this friday morning. another black eye for offshore drilling yesterday. another oil rig exploded and caught fire in the gulf of mexico. the good news here, the coast guard said no oil leaked and no one was killed or seriously hurt during that blast on thursday morning. all 13 workers were rescued after jumping from the platform. engineers have removed that temporary cap from b.p.'s ruptured well. more oil is not expected to leak into the gulf with this but crews are standing by with correction vessels just in case.
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it is are prelude to raising the massive piece of equipment that failed to prevent the massive oil spill. >> it is the first day of the mideast peace meeting. netanyahu and abbas have greth agreed to meet once again in the middle of this month. the goal, an agreement to end the occupation of the palestinian territory in one year and also the creation of an independent palestinian state. >> we cannot and we will not impose a solution. only you can make the decisions necessary. >> these are the first face-to-face talks between israeli and palestinian leaders in two years. >> renowned physicist steven hawking says god was not necessary for the creation of the universe. in his new book, he says
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unraveling a complex series of theories will explain the universe. he said a universe can and will create itself from nothing. in his previous book he appeared to accept the possibility of a creator. >> it is 4:50 now and 75 degrees. coming up, a new face in the race for d.c. mayor. >> first another check of traffic and weather every 10
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>> welcome back, everybody. it is 4:52 this friday morning. time for a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes. steve, what is the latest for the forecast? >> all the nasty stuff will be out of the way early on. the hurricane will be gone over the next 12-24 hours or so. winds will start to pick up. looking outside this morning, if you're heading out to the bus stop, no problems across the immediate metro area. temperatures in the lower 70's. out in the mountains, temperatures in the 60's. there is the hurricane. it starts to move towards the east. cold front off to the north and west of us. skies will clear later tonight and tomorrow, absolutely beautiful. near 90 today. we'll chop off 10-12 degrees tomorrow and sunday. let's gets a look at this morning's rush hour commute. >> a beautiful trip now as far
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as traffic in maryland. southbound 270 headlights trickling their way through germantown. and springfield, virginia, see the flashing lights? that is a crash on the left side. >> thank you. it is 4:54 now and 75 degrees. >> don't go away.
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>> emotions are running high as d.c.'s september 14 mayoral primary nears. >> we caught one the district's first lady and have her story. >> for the second time she became emotional talking about her husband, the mayor. after addressing a full house of supporters, she explained her concerns. >> that he only cares about a particular neighborhood or particular issues is so far from the truth. >> a poll shows him 17 points behind vincent gray among likely voters. >> to hear the thing that people are saying about my husband that i know is not true is very painful. >> she tried to dispel the idea that her husband is arrogant.
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>> he absolutely isn't. fenty even takes some of the blame herself saying if people had seen her more they would have viewed her husband differently. >> i have had to make sacrifices and haven't been able to be out in the community as much as i had hoped. people want to be able to feel like they can reach out and touch you. they want to feel they are a part of the decision making. >> michelle fenty says her husband works so hard, he often doesn't have time for subtle conversation as she calls it but says she and her husband will work toward being more accessible in the future. >> michelle fenty is so busy on her own. she is a lawyer. she has three kids. you see why she wasn't too much out there. >> she is now.
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>> 4:58 the time on this friday. a lot more still ahead. >> coming up, feeling the effects of earl. warnings up from north carolina all the way up to new england as the east coast hunkers down. >> for the first time, we are hearing the heroic work of the officers who helped end that hostage standoff. and a little bit later, the red skins head west for the last week of preseason. "good morning washington" at 5:00 starts right now. >> once again, we say good morning washington. thank you for joining us. i'm alison starling. >> we are tracking hurricane earl. all eyes on the east coast. we're going to check in on tha

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